Add Image to the product object

Hy ,
how to add an image to the product object ?I see that there is an addImage method inSylius\Component\Core\Model\Product , but I can not use it

public function addImage(ImageInterface $image): void

thanks for help

Hi, how did you try to add an object?

you can do this, for example:

    $uploadedImage = new UploadedFile($imagePath, basename($imagePath));

    /** @var ImageInterface $productImage */
    $productImage = $this->productImageFactory->createNew();
    $productImage->setType(end($image) ?: null);


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^ this should work! :slight_smile:

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thanks you , its clear now

How do I acquire the productImageFactory class?

you can inject a service sylius.factory.product_image

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Thank you!:+1: that worked