Adblockers Blocking Certain Images


The auto generated paths of images on sylius has certain keywords which Adblockers block like “ad”.
This causes the image to never display on the front-end if the user uses a Ad-Blocker Plugin.

To Reproduce is simple just keep on adding images until the “ad” folder is used. With the current folder name generation algorithm this will at least happen once every installation.


Could you open an issue for this on GitHub? I think it’s quite an important bug that needs to be fixed in LiipImagineBundle as well. CC @pamil


I created an issue here, William:

Hope that’s okay. Just didn’t want this issue to be forgotten.


This needs a fix in the LiipImagineBundle. :slight_smile: Good catch!


Hi, I was away on vacation, totally forgot about it. Thanks for posting it


It has been fixed in the newest release :slight_smile: