Access Japanese TV channels when you are away from Japan

Just as the title said. When I got to America from my motherland Japan, I feel lonely. I go to work at the daytime and after work, I hope to get close to Japan via something. Watching Japanese television is a good way to get away from the loneliness.

From then time, I started to searched online. I got several clues.

  1. Amazon Prime Video
  2. TV Japan Live
  3. Viki
  4. Netflix
  5. Streema
  6. Hulu Japan
  7. Nippon TV
  8. Crunchyroll
  9. HBO
  10. AsianCrush
  11. YoiTV

I tried some of the service or platforms and finally I chose the app YoiTV, which airs Japanese televisions in real time and still has the rerun programs for 30 days.

They offer several days trial for now.

  1. Use the activation code like 783031682 to register. Then set one password.
  2. The program will show an ID automatically in the LOGIN option. Use the password you set to login.

Download here: livejapanesetvDOTwordpressDOTcom ( Here you can get activation code)